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Revista Velovision número 26. Junio 2007

En Plegabike nos gusta estar al día y por eso te ofrecemos las mejores revistas para ver tecnología, últimas novedades y porque no decirlo, cosas inimaginables.

Y nuestra preferida es la revista inglesa Velovision, editada por nuestro amigo Peter Eland desde York, Inglaterra. Una revista donde hemos descubierto un montón de accesorios que luego hemos incorporado en nuestro catálogo, muchas bicicletas plegables, de carga o reclinadas y un montón de historias del mundo de la bicicleta pero desde su vertiente más urbana, alejándose del ciclismo de carretera y del ciclismo de montaña, que es donde se focalizan la mayoría de revistas actuales.

Son revistas que no caducan, simplemente enseñan bicicletas atemporales y dan ideas y visiones diferentes al uso de la bicicleta. Si sois unos buenos Plegabikers, debéis leer Velovision, la revista de los Velovisionarios.

Os recomendamos todos los números. Son indispensables y unas joyas para cualquier amante de la bicicleta.


4 News
Swivelheads approaching, a Sturmey fixed, a suitcase folder, artbikes and more.

8 More 'e' Vicar?
Electric bike mega-test as our reviewers in flat Cambridge and hilly Sheffield test three top electric bikes:
- Sparta Ion
- Ezee Forte
- Airnimal Joey Move

17 Pedalling for President
John Dowlin explores a new biography of pioneering lady cyclist and activist Belva Lockwood

18 Kings of the road
There's a cycle courier company with a difference in Cambridge, as Rob and Peter King explain

20 Veloveurs of Lyon
There are 3000 free bikes in this French city - Simon Boddy gives us a resident's view of how it working.

22 The mighty Mini
We review the AZUB Mini short-wheelbase recumbent. Could it be as much a design classic as its namesake?

26 The purrfect trike?
At under £1000 in the UK, the Catrike trail could entice many with its affordability. But how does it ride? We find out.

30 Short reviews
The Sportscrafter Mini Rollers for recumbents and Weber's ingenious mLite flagpole LED

32 Reader's Bikes
Inventions, experiences and updates from readers:
32 The Big Ride: Andrew Walters explains why 36" is the way to go
34 Magic Carpet Ride: Michael Eland reports on the Stokemonkey/Xtracycle power-assisted transport system
38 Handcycle evolution: Andrew Chamings updates us on the Draft handcycle - just back from the Alps
39 The cycle chariot: Jez Wilkinson brings along his off-road cycle sidecar for us to try
40 Bounce on a budget: Stephen McCluney reports on the PB-933 suspended recumbent

42 SPEZI 2007
Full report from the special bikes trade show in Germany, including news of the new ICE bikes, the revolutionary Bike Friday Tikit and much more

50 Letters
Reader responses from cycling coins to rideable roundabouts

55 Subscribe to Velo Vision
How to order, back issue contents and details of our distributors worldwide

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Velovision número 26. Junio 2007
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