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Revista Velovision número 48. Febrero 2015

En Plegabike nos gusta estar al día y por eso te ofrecemos las mejores revistas para ver tecnología, últimas novedades y porque no decirlo, cosas inimaginables.

Y nuestra preferida es la revista inglesa Velovision, editada por nuestro amigo Peter Eland desde York, Inglaterra. Una revista donde hemos descubierto un montón de accesorios que luego hemos incorporado en nuestro catálogo, muchas bicicletas plegables, de carga o reclinadas y un montón de historias del mundo de la bicicleta pero desde su vertiente más urbana, alejándose del ciclismo de carretera y del ciclismo de montaña, que es donde se focalizan la mayoría de revistas actuales.

Son revistas que no caducan, simplemente enseñan bicicletas atemporales y dan ideas y visiones diferentes al uso de la bicicleta. Si sois unos buenos Plegabikers, debéis leer Velovision, la revista de los Velovisionarios.

Os recomendamos todos los números. Son indispensables y unas joyas para cualquier amante de la bicicleta.


Building the bicycle car: the developer of this remarkably attractive and practical four-wheeler describes its evolution...

Velove Prototype 3: Also from Sweden, an update from the cargo cyclists who we featured in Issue 46. Their latest cargo quad has full suspension...

AVD Windcheetah: we visit the UK manufacturing base of this iconic trike, and try out their new two-wheeler, the Burrows-designed Ratracer SL.  
Really Useful Bikes: a cargo bike specialist near Bristol, where we also test-ride the affordable Donky Bike and the capacious Gazelle Cabby child-carrier

The AZUB Tricon folding trike, complete with matching transport/touring trailer into which the folded bike fits! We put this impressive trike through its paces.  
The Greenspeed Magnum: the latest frame from the Australian makers combines a high weight rating with superb adjustability. We check it out!
The Bickerton Portables Junction 1909 Country is a thoroughly modern design from a famous name in the history of folding bikes - is it fit for 2015?
Two family cycling solutions:  trying out the Roland Add+Bike trailerbike and the Follow-Me tandem attachment. Which is the more practical solution?
The Gorilla Cage. A new Monkii system accessory for bikepacking or all-purpose carrying.

Books: Reviewing Roads were not built for cars, Life Cycles and Bicycle - the film.

Reader bikes:
Versatility on four wheels: Paul Krampe describes how his modular, all-wheel-drive designs can be great cargo haulers as well as superb transport for more elderly riders.
The Berkelbike: Two users of this arm-and-leg powered recumbent rehabilitation vehicle describe its transformative potential - and its everyday practicality.
The non-suspension sensation:  many of the unusual design features on this 'adventure cycling' machine from Jeff Jones Bicycles impressed one of our readers...

Plus more!
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Velovision número 48. Febrero 2015
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